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Emotional Freedom

When life gets tough, the emotional tools you have make all the difference in whether you suffer or soar. Psychiatrist Judith Orloff suggests that you can turn almost any unwelcome situation into a spiritual training ground. This heartfelt guide covers the basics of her treatment philosophy, called “energy psychiatry,” which combines traditional psychiatric methods with intuitive healing principles. Rather than aiming to eliminate suffering, Orloff teaches her clients the skills that lead to “emotional freedom,” strategies that help them observe challenging feelings without letting them run amok. In her view, these triggers pose excellent opportunities for insight, as well as a chance to strengthen the “spiritual muscles.”

The first section explains the basic path to emotional freedom: understanding your “emotional type,” identifying “emotional vampires” and mastering interactions with them, and using dreams as guidance. The second section offers strategies for transforming specific feelings: fear into courage, jealousy into self-esteem and so on. Each emotion is explained from a biological, psychological, spiritual and emotional perspective, and it’s accompanied by quizzes and suggestions for freeing yourself in the moment. A useful tool to help you find your hidden gifts in thorny times.

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