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This year, I’m in two wedding parties: for my friend, Jessie, who married Kyle’s cousin in July, and in October, I’ll be a bridesmaid in Kyle’s youngest sister’s wedding. It’s an honor to be asked, but, as someone working on weight loss, one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind was the challenge of being fitted in the bridesmaid dress.

On February 26, I was fitted for Jessie’s wedding in a flattering, structured blue dress. After all my hard work, I was really happy with how it looked on me, but I was worried about how it would look if I needed significant alterations in the summer. Since my weight loss started picking up steam in October 2011, I’ve been managing to lose anywhere from 6 to 10 pounds per month. I discussed it with the bridal shop’s consultant, estimated where I’d be in July, then crossed my fingers and signed up for a dress two sizes smaller than my February fit.

It was a risk, but it was also hugely motivating.

Of course, it wasn’t crossed fingers that helped me meet this goal. Through mindful eating of whole, real foods, check-ins with my life coach, and consistent interval-style workouts (including sprinting and weight training), I easily slipped on the two-sizes-smaller dress on July 28. And I hit a new goal: I had lost 41 pounds to date!

wedding dress
Left: At the February 2012 fitting in a size 16 dress. Right: Wedding day, July 2012, in a size 12 dress.

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