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Savoring Salmon

After the eight-month “Oh-No-Costco” campaign spearheaded by Greenpeace, the wholesale club has announced they will stop selling threatened species of fish and create a program to sell sustainable seafood. According to a recent article written by’s Sarah Parsons, Costco has agreed to most of the conditions requested during the campaign:

“While there’s still room for improvement in Costco’s seafood department, the wholesale club operator made major moves in a greener direction. It agreed to not sell 12 kinds of fish associated with environmental concerns, including orange roughy, Chilean sea bass, shark, Atlantic halibut, Atlantic cod, Greenland halibut, grouper, monkfish, red fish, skates and rays, swordfish, and bluefin tuna. The national grocery chain also pledged to support best practices in aquaculture because so much of its seafood offerings include farmed salmon and shrimp. Costco will apply these sustainable seafood ideals not only to the fresh and frozen seafood cases, but to canned tuna, one of the most ignored types of seafood.”

Read the full article.

For more information on the best — and worst — varieties to eat, read “Good Fishing” from our June 2010 issue.

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