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This has clearly been a hard winter for all of the United States, frozen in what the media and Twittersphere are calling the Polar Vortex. And perhaps you’d think that, because I live in Minnesota, that it’s just business as usual.

Really, I want to believe that.

It gets cold, sure, but wind-chill temps dipping down to -30 and -45 degrees?!? That’s madness! And snow, lots of snow: Today’s 30-minute commute was double the time after the evening snowfall, and I saw seven cars stranded or off the road on the drive in to the office.

The cold weather in other states may put people in panic, but since we are used to the elements in Minnesota, we have the equipment. Many of us have the clothing and strategies to embrace the snow and not let the cold defeat us. This year, as I did last year, I went snowshoeing on the “warmer” days (that’s 20-30 in my mind; 30-40 is positively tropical!).

In the northern city of International Falls, they do as many of the towns do here and make up games and celebrations (St. Paul’s Winter Carnival is happening now). I was catching up on my DVRed Nightline episodes and caught this video. It reminded me today to look on the bright side of this season’s challenging weather:

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