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If I’m hungry, really hungry, the last place I go is the grocery store. I always overspend, and often, if I see the sweet treats and salty snacks, they somehow manage to find their way into my cart. Either way, I go overboard and totally off the list.

Tonight I was ravenous, so I called Kyle about dinner, then freaked out about traffic and being hungry without a plan. Once calm, I realized the time: It was nearly 6, and it was Tuesday, so our local farmers’ market would be open until 7. Hooray!

There were still plenty of vegetables out to buy — and even eggs, which usually go quickly once the market opens. I started to load up on kale, baby bok choy, fresh herbs, peppers, a head of cauliflower (and the seller gave me an extra as a bonus), some fresh-baked bread for Kyle, and a bone-in chicken breast.

Fresh, healthy abundance!

As you can see from my picture, hunger still played a part in my shopping spree.

At the end of the line, I met and chatted with Paul Schultz of Schultz Farm near Stillwater, Minn., and bought his last basket of strawberries — hand-picked by him earlier than morning. He also sold me on a bunch of grilling onions with his time-tested balsamic vinegar and olive oil recipe (more on that later this week). Read more about Schultz Farm.


My finds at the Shoreview Farmers’ Market.

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