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$300 loan.

Today I met with Life Time trainer Mike Knox to get a read on my current fitness level and discuss my goals.

As we spoke, I walked on a treadmill for some 47 minutes. It was a brisk walk, and throughout, Mike adjusted the incline.

In the past, this test would’ve put me out of breath within the first 10 minutes.

But today was different. I barely paused in my rambling conversation, sharing with Mike where I’ve been with my weight and health, and considering where I want to take my fitness next.

The thought gave me pause even though the treadmill did not.

I couldn’t answer on the spot, so it’s become my homework assignment, specifically:

  • What’s on my performance wish list? What does my fitness look like and what can I accomplish?
  • What’s on my bucket list?
  • Food journal for three days.

I haven’t been keeping a food log for a while, but I have improved my diet after the holidays, eating more lettuce wraps and stir-fries (more on that later). And my bucket list? Gee whiz, I haven’t thought about a bucket list before, save for a passing idea to go skydiving (but do I truly desire it, or just think it would be cool?).

My performance list was easier to start: For as strong as I was able to get in the past, I’ve never been able to do a pull-up. Or more than three, good-form “real” pushups. And while I learned to deadlift, I didn’t increase my weight above, maybe 65 pounds.

It’s the start of my wish list, but I know it’s attainable, especially because I’m feeling good at the starting line.

Do you have a performance wish list? How about a bucket list? Let me know your dreams in the comments section below.

Thoughts to share?

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