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When it comes to food, I’ve never been one to be a picky eater. I’ll try new cuisines, eat new vegetables — I’m open, all in the name of health and expanding my experiences. I don’t have to like everything I eat, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Last night at an event, I decided to grab a few items from the hors d’oeuvres table. It was 6 and I hadn’t eaten yet (normally I think to eat beforehand, but I wasn’t that hungry earlier), and the smell of potstickers and coconut shrimp wafted over. I had a light breakfast of a banana and almonds, and lunch was a turkey lettuce wrap, so a few treats seemed acceptable.

Most of the options were heavy, but then I spotted a tray of mixed greens and spinach and diced tomatoes. A salad! Hooray! I scooped up what was left.

Then the caterer approached to replace the tray. With bruschetta.

I was eating the centerpiece garnish.

Of course I laughed, and had Heidi take a picture to show you, but in retrospect, it was the healthiest option I picked. Let’s all eat the garnishes!

It’s not like it was the first time. I’ve been eating my parsley garnish at restaurant meals for a while, and sometimes even ask Kyle for his. I had read that parsley is good for digestion and fresh breath, and it just seems a shame to let those herbs and sometimes veggies go to waste (sliced cucumber as a garnish?!?).

Casie reminded me of this movie clip when I shared the story with her. And you know what? I’m with Tom Hanks: I would’ve grabbed the caviar, too. (The link for the clip is set to the scene at 2:19; you may need advance the video embedded below.)


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