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We’re in the midst of a temp warm-up here in the Twin Cities, and even though we reached 30 degrees, it felt practically tropical after the Polar Vortex. So what to do?

There are plenty of outdoor winter sports for Minnesotans, and lots of places to rent or take lessons if you are new to a sport. I’m a fan of snowshoeing for it’s ease and accessibility (and because I haven’t been ready yet to face my fear of falling when it comes to downhill ski or snowboarding — even the slight hills one faces on cross-country skiing scare me). Happily, I discovered a nature center just 15 minutes from my home, with trails, a “discovery center,” and rental shop for skiis and snowshoes.

snow 1
My friend Janelle and I took to the trails — then when a bit off the path, always fun to do when snowshoeing. At one point, we worried that our open field was a pond or lake, and we had direct instructions not to go on water because the lakes were spring-fed and may be unsafe. (Janelle was much better at directions, the world traveler that she is, but I was happy to see that the center also offered orienteering classes.)

We passed a few cross-country skiers, and everyone seemed in a particularly good mood. A warm-up will do that.

See you on (or off) the trails.


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