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I got back to the gym last night after a week away (sore back, summer cold, yada, yada…) and now I’m feeling creaky again — but in a good way. My upper back is  a little stiff, but it’s not so bad. It’s just a little freaky how good it felt to punish my body again. I always come out of the gym feeling a lot better than when I go in.

It’s not so much like a “runner’s high” or anything, but it’s clear that the endorphins are flowing and my blood is circulating and I walk out of there thinking, “Hey, I should do this more often” or something to that effect. It’s like some weird conspiracy of chemicals designed to fool geezers into thinking they can do a pull-up, or something. (Confession: I wandered over to the clothesline pole in our backyard on Saturday and, after making sure nobody was looking, I cranked out three quick, surreptitious chin-ups. Not great form, mind you, but still….)

Anyway, this is just a round-about way of reporting that I’m back in the groove. More on Thursday.

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