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On February 9, I decided to sign up for Life Time’s 90-Day Challenge to further motivate me in reaching my weight-loss goals. This year, Life Time has two categories for the challenge: transformation (for body composition) or weight loss (strictly scale-only weight changes).

While I’m hoping for better body composition after the 90 days, I selected the weight loss category to focus on the last 35 to 45 pounds I’d like to lose this year. (Check out the leaderboard to follow my progress; my nickname is my Twitter handle, clewisopdahl.)

I fell a bit off track a week after sign-up due to another cold (more to come on that), but started feeling better on Friday and been tuned-in ever since. And I’ve lost 4 pounds since my first weigh-in!

Last night I checked out the Eat Fit seminar for Try-It Tuesdays. My favorite message was debunking calories in/calories out: It’s so much more complicated than that! The model through Life Time Weight Loss is one of balance and examination into metabolism, nutrition, exercise, movement (outside of dedicated workouts), mindset, and stress and sleep.

The class, lead by Highland Park’s personal-training head Arica Johnson, also included in its literature a quote by Switch authors Chip and Dan Heath:

Big problems are rarely solved with commensurately big solutions. Instead, they are most often solved by a sequence of small solutions.

The advice, based on the Heaths’ research, was to take one step toward healthier living this week. Then build on that. Since I often feel like I have to everything all at once — and perfectly, no less — it was a nice reminder to make these changes feel attainable.

Are you participating in the 90-Day Challenge? How’s it going for you?

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